Academic programs

The University of Colima offers bachelor´s degrees, specialties, master´s degrees and doctorate programs.

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International Students

There are two categories of visiting students: International students interested in studying a whole program and Academic-exchange students who come through agreements for a period of one or two semesters.

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International Faculty

Faculty members undertake joint activities with the University of Colima.

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Find out all the important dates during the academic year.

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About Us

Welcome to the official web site for the University of Colima, an educational institution located at the Central West region of Mexico. In this web site you will find information about its daily activities, educational offerings; and academic, cultural and scientific infrastructure.

The university staff acknowledges it is time to acquiesce social responsibility as a lifestyle, rather than as a philosophy. This will allow us to offer educational services that promote change and progress, contributing in this way, to the construction of a fairer and more transparent society.

In order to achieve this, we renew our sense of belonging to the University of Colima so students, teachers, researchers, and university officials rekindle their love and respect for the work that we do and, above all, for the institution.

The strategy we are promoting during the current administration is based on the Education with Social Responsibility, which strongly pursues the resumption of the social function of the institution in groundwork of responsibility that propitiates the human development of the university staff and the society. This implies supporting and trusting people; respecting their rights and broadening the space of their capabilities so they are allowed to own their destiny for personal benefit and for that of their environment. For this reason, we invite you to visit our web site to share with you the community duties and provide a space for communication with our University.

Estudia * Lucha * Trabaja
Jose Eduardo Hernandez Nava, MBA

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Pakistan at the University of Colima

International students from Pakistan share their experience at the University of Colima

Korea at the University of Colima

International students from Korea share their experience at the University of Colima

China at the University of Colima

International students from China share their experience

University of Colima

Welcome session 2018

University of Colima

Meet the new visitor students 2018